Post-Surgery Recovery

a post-surgery recovery. a urological dysfunctions and pathologies coloproctologic: incontinence, estrenimientoa At this level the physical therapy is a noninvasive therapeutic solution and no risk to the patient. Perineal physiotherapy requires physiotherapists specialized in perineum, sphincter reeducation, colorectal sexology, acting integrated into a multidisciplinary team, depending on each case, gynecologist, urologist, andrologist, psychologist or psychiatrist, Sexologist, neurologist, midwife, Pediatry Normally any pathology or dysfunction involves poor pelvic floor is diagnosed by a doctor and this who performs diagnostic tests related to determine the causes and level of dysfunction, as well as the compatibility of processing re-education. Having established its origin, if the weakness of the muscles of the perineum is part of the dysfunction, treatment is geared toward the physiotherapy area. From that, the therapist, in addition to specialist diagnostic results, should carry out the balance re-education or testing, which involves clinical history, physical examination and perineal examination. The testing phase is followed by information that consists in making awareness of the rehabilitation of the disease, body parts implicadasa in order to motivate and focus the patient the best areas to work and involved in their own recovery. In a physical therapy program may involve the following perineal techniques: active-assisted exercises digitally perineal Treatment begins with learning manual with the aim of becoming aware of the perineal area, their integration into the body schema and the education of muscular control. When it has been isolated perineal contraction and correct phase is passed to the proper muscle strengthening.

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