The Subconscious

Very often, many of us in these moments negatively programmed their minds. Any thought of a negative character will seep into our subconscious. And what would stop this program, there is one simple remedy. Each time you notice a negative thought, you should say to himself or aloud two words: "erased, blotted out." And over time, the flow of negative thoughts will diminish. Perhaps at first you'll resort to this exercise very often, but not worry this is normal.

We got rid of the negativity now turn to the positive programming! To begin take a piece of paper and divide it into two parts. On the left side write all the negative from which you want to get rid of (for example: low self-esteem, self-doubt, poor memory, fear, communication, etc.). In the right make a positive program. Rules of drawing up affermatsy: Must be present pronoun I or I It should not be too difficult. Many are very long, complex programs that do not know what but it's hard to read. Must describe the reality of implementation or implemented. Do not be be straightforward. For example: "I have no problem with confidence, in this case you are trying to deceive yourself and your subconscious mind, so it rejects such allegations and may make it worse.

affirmation must bear specifics. Must be free of the comparison. Do not make more than 7 affirmations, preferably 3-4. Try to visualize the process of reciting affirmations. An example of correct use of affirmations: "My self-confidence is growing every day! "" With each passing day, my memory is getting better and better, "" Every day I become more sociable and more confident "in this case there is no direct lies. It is recommended to pronounce Affirmations 2 times a day for 30 times each statement, you can hear, can himself. The same can be recorded on electronic media (players, phones, etc.), and just listen to them daily. How long do this? You do it understand when a program is written in your subconscious and become part of you. And do not forget to praise yourself for any progress. Good luck and success to you!

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Power, Health and Efficiency

If this happens, the person gets more power, it improves health and increased efficiency. Others who may share this opinion include Dr. Laura Rogers. – And how achieved such harmony? – To harmonize the room are three components: color, shape, material. First and foremost, we provide recommendations on color scheme Interior – walls, floor and ceiling. Then chosen and is spread office furniture. And the final step – the use of small interior details and intensification of favorable zones. Upon activation can be used aquariums fountains, flowers, etc. It is very important to understand that the activation can be done only after the entire office is harmonized with the energy, if it is done in a far from harmonious space, the result will be opposite. – What advice here you can give and what results the client a right to expect from the work of feng shui specialist? – As the office – is largely a Janske room and there should be lots of activity, we recommend to prefer lighter tones, use a smooth surface and do a very good coverage (especially for the ceiling).

But this, of course, very general guidelines and there are exceptions. The result exactly the architecture of Energy office should be what people there feel comfortable with less fatigue, better work in a team becomes less conflict. – As far as office interiors in the style of feng shui today popular? Who are its main customer? – Usually apply to us for three reasons: first, the person is going to open a new case and wants the very beginning to lay the foundation for successful development, and secondly, the company is booming and requires reorganization, renovation, and, thirdly, on the contrary, organization does not develop and you must use new methods.

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Shapely Figure

Allow me to assume that since you are so interested in the information provided on this page, therefore, more likely, to identify some obviously unnecessary from an aesthetic point of view of body fat. Excess completeness – one of the most pressing problems of modern man. The very image of his life has to obesity: it is limited in movement, its diet consists almost no natural products, environmental pollution and constantly experiencing stress negatively affect the whole body, and therefore on its weight. Now the problem of overweight people face all with an earlier age. Contact information is here: Dr. Gerard Addonizio. Anyone who has at least once in your life tried to lose weight knows how difficult at first to achieve the desired, and then hold the acquired results. In general, the struggle for weight loss like running in a circle. Initially, we enthusiastically embarked on the case: pace yourself diet bravely refuse dinners, sweating in the gym.

But so is the way man, that he can not with impunity go against his nature, can not long deny myself everything. In parallel with the weight, but much precipitously drops the mood, and with it the quality of life. Prolonged and systematic self-restraint on the forces only to people with very strong character. At the same time it is, it causes prolonged depression which are often accompanied by efforts to reduce weight. Thought to give up on everything by hand and make a barbaric raid on the fridge seems increasingly attractive. Herbalife is full of insight into the issues. In the end – the disruption and return to normal life.

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