Best Fitness Equipment

How to get the best fitness equipment and on what should you pay attention? On the fitness market a lot has happened in recent years. In addition to the exercise bike, there are now also Ergometer, Crosstrainer, but also rowing machines, treadmills and also power stations. With these many devices you don’t know: which device should I buy me actually? Which device brings me the most in the current situation. To answer this question correctly, you should consider closer the advantages and disadvantages of the different devices in different fora. These include, for example, the exercise bike, the rowing machine, the treadmill and cross trainer. You achieve the best result, it is important that one is familiar with the various services. Distinction can especially these services, if you even closer look at the devices.

What distinguishes from an Ergometer, for example, an exercise bike? Why should I buy me the device when I can buy even a power station. These and other questions can relatively easy answer, if you know a bit better the products as single devices. You can read the details of the product, but also many other aspects, usually in the descriptions of individual manufacturers and devices. These include the devices by various well-known producers such as Kettler and Cameron first and foremost. They have a detailed description of the individual devices typically on your website and in the product brochures.

Basically, it is worth to start with simple equipment. The bike belongs to the simplest devices on the market in the first place. The exercise has evolved significantly in the past 30 years. Some years ago, the device was a relatively simple bike, putting itself in the apartment. Meanwhile, the pulse can be measured relatively simply rampant hand sensors. Also the individual training programs have become much more interesting. The increase of an exercise bike is usually an Ergometer.

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Fitness Accessories Equipment

If you’re thinking of become a regular at gyms or sports equipment buyer insurance more than once that you ever wonder what are the most appropriate exercises for your body. We can recommend you some exercises, but prior to that the first thing you should do is to be clear is your mission in the gym, if keep you on your weight and maintain good physical form in general, or refine your body making a marked bodybuilding and more developed as possible. If your goal is essentially to maintain a proper physical condition you should invest most of your time using the accessories fitness that gives you your usual gym. You can ask your usual monitor, he will propose you a training plan based on the accessories fitness that will manage to you reach your physical form suited little by little and with greater guarantees. If your goal is rather to the contrary, achieve a sculpted body, you must give more importance to gymnastics apparatus. In this case the fitness equipment can’t be present, then the need for warming up prior to your exercise session, but the fitness equipment are that focus most of your efforts. Here you decide which part of your body is you want to develop in a more pronounced way, to influence your training with apparatus gymnastics on this area in particular. Finally, the relaxation also they have their importance, though deemed to apparatuses for massage as something secondary. Not so, since a good session of massage equipment contributes to download the tension accumulated during the hours of exercise in your muscles, making your break more enjoyable and that meet the following session in apparatus gymnastics with your strength intact.

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Kickboxing, Thai Boxing

Boxing as a sport has a century history. He practiced ever since the Roman Empire by generations of people took as a form of amateur athletics and professional. Technique Boxing thoroughly investigated and perfected, it may seem as though it is close to ideal. Its history in Muay Thai kickboxing and modern as the sport itself is gaining worldwide recognition, although the number of its adherents are still relatively small. World Kickboxing still not unique, as many organizations in the world hold their own competition by different rules.

In addition, a fine line between this type and other full contact and semi-contact types of martial arts. Kickboxing is constantly enriched with new ideas and techniques and existing martial arts and combat sports such as karate, taekwondo, kung fu, etc. Thai boxing – one of the closest to the real fight martial arts. Muay Thai Kickboxing is different from the usual presence of elbows and knees, grabs and throws. Throughout the world, Thai boxers are most prepared for the tough fights contact fighters.

In Muay Thai uses extremely efficient, different from all other martial arts, engineering drawing of kicks, elbows and knees. Thai boxing in Russia and the CIS appeared relatively recently – around the beginning of the 90s. However, today he holds a strong position among the arts, and every year the number of his fans is growing. Distinguish: Thai boxing and professional amateur. Amateur Muay Thai is different from the professional softer rules of protective equipment, and tactics of conducting fight. An important fact in popularity of Thai boxing is able to regularly participate in competitions at various levels – from city to world and European championships, perform standards master of sports in Thai boxing. In the applied aspect of Thai boxing differs simplicity and efficiency. Thai boxing – a tough sport, but not cruel. Basis of preparation of Thai boxer – fight in different forms: conditional and free fighting (sparring), as well as slug work, filling learn the technique of Muay Thai strength and speed. In Thai boxing protectors are widely used, which, combined with the correct teaching methods that minimize the risk of injury. Diagram of a typical workout in muay thai as follows: warm – a lot of three-minute rounds with all types of strikes, work on the equipment and testing of equipment with a trainer, strength training (push-ups are especially popular in focus, strengthening abdominal muscles, the rotation of the housing) and stretching. Particular attention is paid to the psychological preparation and study of the most vulnerable areas of the body. Thai boxing – a streamlined system that allows a person to as soon as possible to master the techniques, tactics, and the number of physical and psychological qualities necessary for the successful conduct of the match.

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Ants VL Powerlifting

Accounting program in the power cycle the bench is recommended to do the same. One workout a week conditionally "regimes", which places an emphasis on power and his bench press assistance exercises, and the other conventionally "foot", which focus attention on the leg-spin. However, only two workouts per week can not be a separate exercise on foot-and-back, although it would be preferable. Bench press in the second workout, too, do not forget, he is number two after the sit-ups and exercises for your back muscles. "Spins", we are forced to divide into two parts: the widest in one day, long in another.

In the short and rare training complete uniformity is difficult to achieve. 17. Concentrated vozdeystvie.Prodolzhenie principle of one-pointedness. Applied to a training group of exercises should be concentrated to work on a muscle. For example, if the triceps, the average grip bench press and parallel bars, or if the leg-spin – a squat, slope-hyperextension if the chest – bench press wide grip and wiring.

"Another good method to achieve good results in the bench lying down – do it in training focused on one group of muscles, thus fully working through it. Get more background information with materials from Herbalife. And if the switch in the process of training other muscle groups, the loss of the pump and the connection between "muscle-brain." Force, by the way, too, is lost. "18 Change of sredstv.Dlya increase results in a force bench approaches infinite increase in the main exercise is ineffective in mind a number of reasons. The main – impossibility to perform technically correct than 6 approaches the basic exercises experienced athlete (beginners can). Violation of proper technique leads to injury. To increase the effectiveness of training is required almost a complete change of exercise or the expansion of the funds at various stages of the annual cycle. 19. Change prioritetov.Zhimoviku amateur, unlike athletes, requires constant change of priorities in cycles. As shown, the ordinary fan can not over of the annual cycle as a whole, as a priority to have only the power bench press. Comes with the inevitability of overtraining. This process has to settle with the changing priorities in cycles. Necessary priorities change, shifting their feet to the side, back then in the direction of additional exercises, while carrying out a power bench press (or exercise his duties) as "number two" in the loop. 20. Motivatsiya.Bez it any workout meaningless. Should be set realistically attainable goal, otherwise no one and nothing will move you away. "And there is another method to increase strength and very effective – it's motivation. What do I need a beginner? First of all read sports literature: magazines, books, and watch the video competition … .. Better yet, attend the same competitions and powerlifting … .. Many weightlifters also watch videos of his, and not just performances. These observations help to master the technique of movements, and maintain high motivation, feeding the subconscious visual images. And in theory provide substantial assistance "These seemingly indisputable truths, such as stretching the chest muscles after each approach the bench press, and jogging after a workout I do not put the basic principles. But I have a special opinion about their great benefits for the power lift. USED REFERENCES: Ants VL Powerlifting. Path to the power / / Moscow, Publishing House, Svetlana P, 1998.Muravev VL PUSH lying! / / Moscow, Publishing House of Lana, 2001. Article from the book by Vladimir Muravyov "PUSH Lying-2!". Full text of the book "Lying-2 PUSH!" Is available at the author's website

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Thrust Jogging

Judge yourself: to cower at 15 times its weight of 1.5! Therefore, to maintain for many years working the spine, do the deadlift in its pure form is not recommended. There are exercises that are at least good (and maybe even better) will load your back: Thrust Jogging, Trainers. If you would like to know more about Herbalife, then click here. The lift on the breast, jerk the weight (24 kg or 32 kg); Moreover, hyperextension performed regularly throughout the annual cycle! The remaining exercises are alternated in cycles. Press exercises such as hyperextension and abdominal exercises are particularly important, exclusively for athletes engaged in without the use of "pharma". The fact is that according to research conducted for the optimal release of the body to increase hormone responsible for the increase in strength and muscle, you must perform a series of exercises to "burning" long-time while under load. For the amateur zhimovika available only two such exercises: hyperextension, abdominal exercises. K these exercises, perhaps, be attributed, and the last one or two uploaders approach the bench press in the offseason with a light weight squats, and partly within the power cycle regimes. These exercises can be performed in a superset, in addition, they serve as an excellent warm-up before zhimom.

Spent just five minutes and is performed is the best workout + release necessary hormones + = improved external data as a result of a good mood! In the offseason You can reap prone to "burning" light weight in the final approach. Security. Classes bench press force is necessary to build such a way that would best protect themselves from injury. To do this, observing the simple generally accepted rules: warm-up followed carefully before a workout, use bandages and wrist strap shtangistsky. They are reliably prevented from travm.ispolzovat WARMING ointments, such as Nikofleks, in 20 minutes prior to The core exercises, stretching regularly target muscle immediately after the execution of each basic approach, used to recover all possible methods to prevent violations proper techniques of exercise due to premature fatigue, which can lead to injury.

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Training Program

Such a question has arisen and you? You do not want to use ready-made programs from magazines that do not help to become more? Yes, you need to learn how to make training programs, and then you can choose for themselves ideal. So, let us discuss the basic principles. According to Herbalife, who has experience with these questions. 1. Exercises First of all, you have to figure out what exercises to work out certain muscles. Our body 6 major muscle groups: chest, shoulders, back, arms, leg press.

In turn, they are divided into smaller muscles. You can download books on bodybuilding, which will help in the selection exercise. On each muscle group enough exercise makes 2-3. At the initial stage can make a basic exercise per muscle group. The basic exercise involves both a large number of muscles (squats, bench press, deadlift) 2.

The frequency of training and amount of exercise is now necessary to decide How many times a week you will attend a gym. Each workout should not be delayed more than 2 hours. It is advisable to train 1 hour 20 minutes. If possible, then 50 minutes would be ideal, as after 50 minutes of intense Occupation begins to stand out cortisol which breaks down muscle fibers. Plan should make so that the whole body were studied one day a week. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Healthy Living has to say. 3. The number of sets and reps How many sets and reps will be have your training program – a very big question. I will say a general rule: if a lot of Grow, Do 8-12 repetitions, force – 5-6 reps. As for innovation, the per muscle group should account for 8.12 of approaches. Rest in between should be enough (about 3 minutes). Another important point that newcomers do not know – cycles. The use of cycles is important because the muscles can not grow continuously, then comes the "stagnation." They need to rest, or other type of load. Cycle advise count on 9-12 weeks. At the beginning of the cycle to work in part-time force, or even rest for a week. To start training to failure only after 5-6 weeks. In the construction cycle is also a sea options and different systems. But the basic principle – to give your body rest. So, we discussed the simplest moments, but there are many pitfalls. More information on how to make the training program, you can find on the site pro bodybuilding.

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Physical Readiness

Dogfight battle lasted from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, and then if a few enemies and they have a weapon. On such a small period of time sufficient physical resources in any untrained person. But to be on your head better any of the opponents, you must have a good stock of physical resursa.Zanimatsya physical education or not-you decide. One was in my practice, such a case. Additional information is available at Dr. Kevin Cahill. At our martial arts training began coming tyazheloatlety.K by the time we began working, they finished their training, and after his train were still with us. Our view of physical training they do refuse, because 'After their kind of go'. Even after a month workouts during training sparring they felt sorry for the accuracy smotret.Nikakoy strikes, if they knocked down-fall is very dangerous for sebya.Kachki not kept longer than a minute or impacted ustalost.vyvody do sami.Itak strictly on physical training. One and same training programs in different ways affect the physical condition of performing their boytsov.Hotya goal of any exercise for everyone is the same (for example, exercises designed to development of endurance), each of them spends a different time to achieve a certain result, and is usually carried out progreess skachkoobrazno.Nekotoroe time you perform the exercise without feeling conspicuous changes its state, then there is a sudden qualitative leap, followed by a period of apparent re-zastoya.Esli you slowly but neuklonnoprodolzhaete progress, then your training process is designed correctly, and you have nothing to worry about.

Each of us has the right arm is stronger left-hand (unless, of course, you're not a southpaw). If such a fact is not taken into account, it can easily turn into your nedostatok.Polagayas only on their strengths hand, you reach some success, but never become a real masterom.Poetomu train both your hands are parallel to each other, avoiding the lag in development of one of nih.Pust your left (right) hand will never be as strong and agile as a right (left), but with a certain effort you are capable enough to make her a formidable weapon. warm regards. Follow the exercises before each WARMING trenirovkoy.Ne Take the time to warm up and the quality of the main reasons polnostyu.Odnoy injury is substandard performance warm-up exercises or a complete rejection of nih.Udelyayte attention such exercises as running, jumping rope, riding a bike. Can choose any workout what you ponravitsya.Prokrutite some kata vkontse-QUALITY kontsov.Lish would warm up the joints, muscles and svyazki.Tolko then can move on to the main part of your workout.

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Solo Coach Did Not Injure

How to start a sports studies? If the theater with a hanger, a sports club with locker rooms. And the cheaper classes in a club, the worse things in the dressing room in such clubs. There is stuffy, dirty, stink afterwards, and sometimes do not even have lockers for his clothes. But forget about the locker room, there's much more important places where the burn through even the most expensive sports clubs with an annual cost of cards for several thousand dollars, such as: World Class and Gold Fitness. Most weaknesses in clubs – it's coaches. As Sadly, even in such clubs sometimes and get the most eminent and honored master of sports, many do not know how to teach.

You may ask: "Why teach the coach should train," to which I reply that the coach can to be a genius, and teach their skills, try as he may not. Even yesterday, talked to one woman (Anna), who has visited more than 5 clubs of Moscow, before decided to go with a private individual coach. Let me tell you about her bad experience, or rather about the very interesting point: the ratio of coaches to dealing with and yet who came to beginners. When she chose a fitness club, the main requirements for them were: Distance from home, professional trainers, and a little worried about the price, as giving $ 3,000 for an annual card was a little scary, because the unknown, like whether to engage, and indeed, may cease to want to do.

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Importance of Warm-Ups

In the warm-up should also include stretching and muscle. Success will reach everyone who will be able to overcome my laziness. Remember that exercise should be regular. Big break in the classroom lead to the fact that you gradually lose the results of which have reached. Regular exercise gives strength and slows the aging process.

Thirty minutes three times a week – it's small price to pay for the enormous benefits of regular training on simulators. Counting the heart rate during workouts at the gym the pulse rate increases, and it is used as a parameter for determining the necessary intensity of the workout. Elementary Level fitness is important to develop individual exercise programs. If you are a beginner, you can achieve good results with a pulse rate of 110-120 beats per minute. If you are in good physical shape, then you need more higher level. 10 minutes after the beginning of training measure the pulse. This so-called "pulse loading" or "stress pulse. During the first training on simulators pulse rate should be around 65 – 70% of the maximum age pulse.

Maximum age pulse (MEP) can be calculated by the formula: 220 minus your age. Maybe it seems too easy, and you want to increase the intensity of the workout, but it is better to adhere to traditional methods. With a good physical preparation of the pulse rate can be up to 80% of the maximum age of pulse. You should not overwork in order to achieve the values given in the tables. It is better that you have reached this results in a natural way, doing its own agenda. Remember that control znacheniechastoty pulse – this is only a recommendation, not the rule, and minor deviations in either direction are permissible. Two comments: 1) Do not worry about changing the pulse rate every day. It can be caused by pressure changes, and 2) the value of heart rate – is a landmark, not become its slave. Important! Start training on simulators, keep it up to the end. You should not stop halfway, and then continue training with the stopping time, without warm-up. A pause is needed between strength training. Its duration for each person individual – it basically depends on your level of fitness and the program you have chosen. Rest between exercises, but the rest should not exceed two minutes. Most leisure enough to half to one minute.

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Adaptogens – natural products that enhance the body's resistance to adverse environmental effects – such as Siberian ginseng, Rhodiola rosea, Leuzea, ginseng. Their positive effect is achieved through optimization of metabolic processes, rather than by a sharp stimulation of the nervous system (such as when taking caffeine products). Rule 5. Break! Proved that the cyclic mode of employment – the best prevention of stagnation in the results of training. It is this mode will help you maintain a high level of internal motivation.

Break up the training process into cycles between which must be a few days off from training. Time period of training depends on the intensity and range from half to three months. Rule 6. Dr. Kevin Cahill understands that this is vital information. Do not overdo it! If you're struggling with themselves, exercise in a state of complete physical exhaustion, it thereby increases the risk of injury (both during training and outside the hall), because it does not restore to the new work the muscles of his shift work on ligaments and joints. Fatigue also threatens the development of overtraining syndrome, characterized by a feeling of depression, apathy, a sharp decrease in immunity, and muscular weakness. This syndrome may dragged on for quite a while.

how to time determine what you live for life limit opportunities? The appearance of the following symptoms must be for you at least a pretext for reducing the intensity of training, as well as maximum – the introduction of a break in your training process for a week or two. -In recent years, you have to force myself to go to the gym. -Even after a reasonable period of sleep in the morning you feel lethargy and weakness. – muscle pain lasts longer than usual. -There are pains in the joints. "You hardly even go to sleep after a busy day. -Your appetite gets out of control. You either start eating too much (and leaning on susceptible to fluctuations in atmospheric pressure, react to weather changes. -During training there is increased heart rate, greater than normal increases the pressure, and these symptoms persist for a long time after training. -You want to reduce training time, feeling that are struggling to cope with the planned load. And please remember: by all means to overcome themselves – not always the best way to achieve our purposes. Olga Morozova fitness center and water park 'Kimberley Land'

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