Long Term Evolution

The Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a net of broad band mvelque already is in test in the United kingdom and planning and implementation of testesnos United States and in the Sweden, that will have to be the next evolution to the redesmveis, according to 3GPP. The infrastructure of the nets will have to be improved how much eficincia in factors as speeds of access, latency and eficinciaespectral. The LTE has great prominence for making possible a capacity well superior denavegao of the existing nets 3G. The LTE promises: – download of 326,4 Mbits/s – tax of upload of 86,4 Mbits/s – gone time of and comes back (RTT) of less of 10ms – ray of the cells being able to reach up to 100 km. The main used standards today for the nets 3G (HSPA eUMTS) obtain approximately to reach taxes of 14 speeds of Mbps (Megabits for second), already tests with the LTE had pointed peaks of navigation with until 120Mbps.

Suffering a popularizao, the LTE will be able to make possible umnovo market of services and applications of multimedia content transmitted video HD aovivo saw LTE to a decoder IPTV in the home so that it is seen by the family eamigos; * Follow me Video stations base (Nodes-B) have 4 antennas at least. ‘ ‘ The LTE is based basically on protocol TCP/IP epossui E-UTRAN (Evolved UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Network), analogous existing aoUTRAN in current nets UMTS. If you would like to know more then you should visit Luiz Lopes Brookfield. The great difference is its interfacefsica with air, where the use of model OFDMA (OrthogonalFrequency-Division Multiple Access) for the direction of downlink was specified, being able serusadas up to 1200 carriers, and use of SC-FDMA (Single Carrier Frequency DivisionMultiple Access) for the direction of uplink.

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Environmental Cooperation Chile Canada

Thursday arrived at Small Chile where it met with the Antukulef group, spread information on rights of the proprietors by means of programs radial and entrevist with mayor Luperciano Muoz, who reiterated his commitment to impel legal actions against these companies since great part of the river basin of Baker (General lake Carrera, Bertrand lake and birth of Baker) is located in his commune, the one that today is being affected by the massive water rights and mining concessions given the electrical ones and is threatened by the possible step the pylons. During afternoon in Friday the lawyer it participated in a meeting to know the reality Claro and Panguilemu, in the commune of Coyhaique, where there are many small proprietors and farmers who see with preoccupation the possible passage of the electrical laying by those sectors and before which gave mandates for the presentation of collective demands. According to Marcelo Castle the situation that is lived in the Region of Aysn, and particularly in the South zone, is opposite to the fairness. Rights of water must to be for people that operates the Earth, that has projects in the zone, and does not stop speculation of great projects, in this case hydroelectric. It added that in relation to the mining concessions evidently always is to favor to the great companies in decline of the small mining industralists or the people who want to settle down some type of activity.

It draws attention to us that the authorities, that are the calls to guard the principles of fairness and equality before the Law, are first in violating them in the sense to favor to the great companies . AGREEMENT WITH CANADA An offensive that the professional has led by mandate of the CDP is the demand against the Chilean Be in favor of breach of the environmental legislation intern who interposed in June of 2008 in Ottawa before the Commission for the Environmental Cooperation of Canada that supervises the agreement subscribed by both nations in 1997. In December past east organism declared permissible the reclamation of the citizen organization. In as much the 12 of May of this year a public session of the Consultative Committee was realised in Santiago Public Set of Agreement of Environmental Cooperation Chile Canada where, next to the executive secretary of the Defense council of the Patagonia, Patricio Rodrigo, gave a dossier with the irregularities detected within the framework of the evaluation of the EIA of Hidroaysn, with special emphasis in the mining concessions asked for to protect the electrical laying of Transelec, controlled by the Canadian Brookfield Asset Management. In the occasion them they called much the east attention subject. They did not understand that the mining legislation was used, of fraudulent way, with environmental aims explained Castle. Even, Knudson Dean, chief of a main directorate for the Americas and representative of the Minister of the Environment of Canada, Jim Prentice, said clearly that the Canadian companies had to everywhere respect the Law of the world. It is a principle of his internal legislation that they were going away to worry that they fulfilled remembered the lawyer.

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Institute Alfred Wegener

This, as already one commented, raises the basic dilemma of this theoretical frame. Nevertheless, also it is important to appreciate that this logic irremediably implies to produce increased amounts of remainders, wastes that essentially are treated like externalities. This way the system privatizes the benefits, you lie that it socializes the environmental problems. This is something that the economy ecology has demonstrated eloquently. Given the logic of the system, that raises the growth and the accumulation of capital like condition sine qua non for its existence, it is impossible in this frame to approach and to solve the causes basic of the problem. The alternatives that propose to us from the neoclassic logic are only paliativas, focused in some of the consequences. By the same author: Cindy Crawford. It is impossible that this system it offers real solutions, the causes of the problem are in its basic foundations. The system cannot be fixed, the unique option is to change of system.

The first level is so obvious that it is unusual that still doubts exist on the matter. The second level (but important still) is not for anything so obvious. The second level that we must confront is the hierarchies. Certain, that the evidence of the effects that have been originated by the climatic change they have originated situations that are worrisome and that we do not know the consequences that it can cause, for example, it indicates as it the Country, the fact of a mass of ice as large as Luxembourg (2,500 kilometers square) has come off the language of the Mertz glacier in the East of the Antarctic when hitting this language a giant iceberg to the drift known like B-9B, according to reveal the images caught by the satellites. The collision took place and now both icebergs, that together weigh 700 million tons, float without course. The scientists fear that this phenomenon affects anywhere in the world to the circulation of the oceans and to the marine life in the region. The preoccupation is that this massive ice displacement – the iceberg as large as Luxembourg could supply water to one third part of the world-wide population during a year alters to the composition of the water of the sea in the zone and the normal circulation of salt water, dense and fries that it transports oxygen to deep the ocean currents.

” The elimination of this ice language could reduce the level of salinity in the ocean and affect at heart to the service life of mar” , there is this Rob Massom, one of the scientists responsible for Australian the Antarctica Division, to Reuters agency. According to Mario Hoppema, oceanographer of the Institute Alfred Wegener for the Polar and Marine Investigation of Germany, ” as a result of this phenomenon, it can have oceanic areas that lose oxygen and, consequently, dies the marine life that is all”. Massom is underlining that the ice loosening of Mertz is not related to the climatic change, but it has to do with the natural movements of the ice layers. Iceberg B-9B is what it is of greater other, of 5,000 kilometers squared, that followed in 1987, becoming one of the majors masses of ice of the Antarctic. This gigantic iceberg was to the drift in direction the west before running aground in 1992.

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The Professors

However, we can affirm that the new technologies have found some difficulty in assuming a relief place in school, mainly as for the paper of the professor in this task. In this direction, Bridge (1990) argues that the interest of the professors in using the computer in sensible way, to learn new things, to assume new roles in the classroom and to establish new relations with the pupils, creates a general environment stimulant for a general reflection on education and, eventually, possible changes of conceptions. The reflection is, thus, faced as an important factor of social change to be seen as practical to develop itself in a colaborativo context. However, this will only be possible if the frequency of action of formation will be one of the supports for the development of the abilities of the professors relatively to the new technologies and its practical use in the pedagogical one. The specialists in the subject relatively place the tonic of the activities of formation of the professors to the new technologies in the deepening and support to its work, not only in the aspect technician as in the pedagogical one, where she includes comment of successful uses of the technology in the classroom, the permanent communication with other professors who confrot similar challenges and the consultation the specialists. We have perceived that the information society places new challenges to all the citizens as to learn to learn, to inquire themselves, to communicate, to reason, to compare, to decide, to cooperate. These challenges demand a reply on the part of the school. The renewal and modernization of education are a question in the order of the day, in such a way national as internationally.

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Net Wimax

Cadatecnologia will take care of specific sectors. In Brazil this already happens with Embratel, that it uses Wimax to complete some of its services. The technologies will be implanted in accordance with the denegocio plan of the companies, also aiming at to support the demand of the users bigger pelaexigncia of width of band. The indications for the use of the technology of the Wimax ouLTE is based on the infrastructure of the existing net. The LTE is indicated parainvestidores that already possess a structure based on nets 2G and 3G existing. Already the Wimax, for the fact to need a new infrastructure, it is maisadequado for that will need to initiate the assembly of new structures. References Marden Braga Pasinato – Engineering of Computation eInformao – UFRJ Geraldo Wodertrgh.

Motorola uses Lte to improve personal asexperincias of media. Kent Tankersley. Nokia Siemens Networks advances plus one passocom LTE through the launching of EPC in the World-wide Congress of Mvel2009 Communication Writing of the COMPUTERWORLD. Entities firm agreement to paraimpulsionar development of the LTE. Reuters U.S.A. Motorola wants to innovate again, now with 4G (LTE) the WiMAX and the FTTH. For more information see celebrity trainer. Info.

NETS LTE PROMISE WEB WITHOUT QUICKER WIRE. Writing Workshop of the Net. LTE – Long Term Evolution – He would be o4G. Samuel. Crazy for the LTE. Digital notebook. Ericson announces super 3G/LTE in Japan enovas solutions customizadas for operators. Amsato. LTEganha force between the operators and future threat of the WiMax. Elis Hunter. Column of the Elis Hunter. RJNET. Abel. Already it heard to speak in LTE, the new mobile technology of bandalarga. Blog of the Abel. VIVASEMFIO.com team. LTE Long Term Evolution in Brazil. Marin Perez. Verizon speaks on plan with LTE. ITWeb LTE has potential to put into motion US$ 5 billion up to 2013. Telecomonline. E-thesis. VerizonWireless liberates specifications of devices LTE. Giulianna Oliveira Saints. LTE: the future of the band largamvel? Marin Perez.

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Transmission Nets

What is Structuralized Cabeamento? a cabeamento system whose infrastructure is flexible and supports the use of diverse types of applications such as: land data, voice, image and controls, or still more formal, a system of structuralized cabeamento and a set of used products of conectividade in accordance with norms you specify and international with proper characteristics. The computer networks are for all part and they help in them to carry through simple tasks of day-by-day of fast and transparent form. Companies of all the types and areas of performance are each time more if using of the resources and easinesses supplied for the nets to speed processes and to reduce costs. Great companies of the area of YOU invest to millions per year in new technologies and products, generating competition of market and reduction in price of the general costs of implantation and maintenance. Technologies, as nets without wire (Wireless) are emerging and if firming; Transmission in real time through nets gigabit, ethernet, already are a reality; advantages supplied for the structuralized nets are if popularizing and permeando each time more the companies.

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White House Department

The political and diplomatic ineptitude with which it develops the Pink House and its Chancellery is of Ripley. Charles Margulis is often quoted as being for or against this. Argentina never lost as much political space as since the Kirchner and his troupe took the power. Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes contributes greatly to this topic. Obama will visit Centro and Sud America for the first time and will only land in Brazil, Chile and El Salvador. Cristina Kirchner and Hctor Timerman feel like victims before the indifference towards their country, reason why a high civil servant of the Argentine Chancellery said that " It will be difficult the United States to explain why Obama will fly by the Argentine sky to go from Brazil to Chile and it will not make the stop at Argentina. I do not believe that he is good seal". Ubiqumonos. The United States does not have to render accounts to him of their acts to anybody, but by courtesy, the diplomat and eloquent declaration of Obama were that she does not want to visit countries that are in electoral processes. Because Barack and Hillary do not have time to expose in detail to the Argentine dignitaries something to them that is impossible to understand to them, I will try to clarify some points.

The Department of State is not by chance that Department of State is called and not " Department of Exteriores&quot Relations;. As it indicates his name, the Department of State is in charge of " Policy of Estado" of the United States, that is uniform, consequent and continuous, independent of who is occupying the White House. Their fundamental objectives are designed net based on the security of the United States and their citizens. That implies: to preserve the regional stability; to plan and to execute contraterrorismo action; to avoid the manufacture and proliferation of arms of massive destruction; to fight against the international crime and the drug trafficking; and to protect to its citizens in the outside.

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