There are some complementary training, and in some necessary cases, for all good athlete. This it would be the case of the force sessions, since strong muscles will allow us to render to the maximum. We do not confuse strong muscles with great or voluminous muscles, since the volume will cause that you are slower in long distances. The force sessions must go oriented to gain force in the muscle, which also will imply to reduce the punishment that undergoes the sinews, but maintaining the same size. The work of muscles of the legs will help you to prevent injuries. If you fortify the isquiotibiales and the quadriceps you will avoid knee problems. Besides working muscles of the legs also it is necessary to work the muscles that hold the body, like abdominal and the lumbar ones. Josyann Abisaab contributes greatly to this topic. This type of exercises, besides contributing to force to the trunk and the train superior of the body, improves the coordination, makes work to the heart and increases the elasticity.

The exercises with Bosu and Step are indicated for the runners because they fortify the legs and they optimize the movements that habitually we realised in our cuotidiana life. In this type of functional training the musculatura works as a whole fortifying the musculatura of the trunk, the abdomen, the back, the legs and the rumps, improving the elasticity and the flexibility, reinforcing the joints and the muscles, and helping in the recovery of injuries. This type of exercises helps to vary the routine and can replace a smooth session. You can be useful to realise this training someday that you cannot leave to run due to the meteorological conditionses, is because it rains or it is cold, or by quite the opposite, because long ago heat. Many runners also combine the cycling with running to escape of the routine or because they have friendly that practice the cycling and they he likes to leave to pedalear someday with them. The cycling is a cardiovascular work similar to running and can replace a smooth session but to obtain a high performance in running it is necessary to prioritize the training of this discipline realising sessions of basic quality and.

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10 Principles To Optimize Your Life

The principles are eternal natural laws that govern the development of the life, the personal affectivity and the interpersonal relations. They simply do not represent the values of a society or person. The values of a society can be turned aside in a while certain of the principles, but the principles never stop being nor lose use. They are not a fashion, because all place and time are applied in. The principles are fundamental and universal guides. There is one differentiates between living by practices and living by principles.

The practices can have in a while certain validity, but they can lose use in as much the society advances. The principles do not change; they are part of the human condition and its better legacy. To learn to live by principles implies a learning process that lasts all the life. The principles do not represent fast and easy prescriptions. They are not instantaneous nor cosmetic solutions to fundamental problems. To live by principles can demand a change of paradigm and important life, a form to see the life and the relations very different from our perspective and criteria present, but they are a source of growth and lasting and authentic success as well. IT WILL OPTIMIZE: The fundamental principles for a life of authentic success.

The principles that next we will approach comprise of the system of personal leadership OPTMIZARE, formulated by the Dr. Rum Jenson in their book How To achieve the Authentic Success. The selection of this group of principles grouped in the acrostic one WILL OPTIMIZE represents, more than a proposal of worthy and appreciable principles, a system of leadership for the personal and organizational effectiveness. IT WILL OPTIMIZE is a system of personal leadership directed to harness the development of the abilities and talents of the people, to improve the performance and the labor and professional productivity.

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