Cured Neurosis

Some people, desperate for their emotional difficulties, ask to me: " when will go to me this? I can really surpass it? what I must hope of a psycotherapy? " They want to know its future beforehand, or to tranquilize themselves, to initiate or to leave a therapy, etc. To them I want to respond here. In order to begin, we must understand that the neurosis is not a disease that can be cured or no, to go or no, to overcome or no. The neurosis is a form to be. Is not more than the set of defenses (" sntomas") by means of that the person protects itself (she flees) of some more or less unconscious emotional pain (lack of affection, wrath, blame, sadness ). For even more analysis, hear from Oxford.

Therefore, the neurosis is not something outer to the person, but the same person. And, consequently, only insofar as it wants or she dares to solve his problematic hidden one, they will be alleviated or even symptoms will disappear their defenses/. One of my favorite examples on the neurosis is " Estrechas&quot boots;. All we know that to walk with them it protects to us (supposedly) of the pain to walk barefoot, but also – to its time they press to us, produce calluses, pain, blisters to us All class of symptoms. It is the price that we chose to pay by our fear to walk with the naked feet or at least with sandals. While we can support these annoyances, everything goes well. But when no longer we held more – it is to say, when our neurosis is maximum, arises then the question: we took off or we did not take off the boots? The problem is that the boots too much are stuck to our skin, so that any struggle will hurt necessarily to us What to do? We will dare to it? We will be able to make it single, or we will need the aid of which it helps us to throw, or to do it of the possible less painful way? We will prefer, perhaps, to resign to everything and to continue torturing our feet? All the subject of " curacin" of the neurosis it resides, thus, not only in clearing &quot to us; boots estrechas" of our defenses/symptoms, but in never putting them to us more, that is to say, in learning to walk barefoot by life.

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The important thing is to kill the enjoyment, desire and the desire to live. By all means that the women of the misginos always are or on the brink of madness madness or lining stress, the depression, the anxiety and a great fear and panic against the reactions of its unfortunate love. The misginos have a strong voice are controller and in addition they occur the luxury to always attack, to silence, to criticize and as woman one leaves very badly ruined. Owners of the life of his wife or women feel, in the case in which they have daughters, always denigrate them they squash, them they devalue and them. They do not have right to exist in a world of men. In case outside little they are sly by egoistic mothers who only see their well-being.

It will be that for that reason they became misginos? The cruelty is one of its allies, it always has the word or the wounding commentary for its companion. It needs how it so much first is a great seducer and by all means that later, by ” psame sal” , it reacts with an uncontrollable and full fury of wrath. It is an emotional predator. The woman does not manage to leave her confusion and sometimes she is put under, others is rebelled, per moments she enters fury and she wants to remove all their indignation, but the misgino always has more powerful arms to destroy the life in pair. Threat, agrede, pity, hurt. How to know if I am in pair with a misgino? – Before its eyes, never beams nothing well.

On the contrary you are subject of ridicules and humiliations. – It express to you without tapujos that you do not serve for anything and in addition you are very useless, nothing is possible to be ordered to you. – You are the guilty of everything what happens in the relation and your family. – Cause you it, she makes fun of of you and she puts to you in ridiculous situation in front of others. – Are responsible for his attacks of fury, you cause you it all along. – You cannot have a free life, you cannot work, study, see your family or your friendships. – It frequently accuses to you to be unfaithful, although it does not exist an apparent reason. – It threatens to you, it restricts the money to you and in addition it controls your form to dress. Mayuree Rao insists that this is the case. – Their threats are that it will take to your children and will leave who you in the street. Perhaps, you are living a situation like the previous one, need to take action and to stop being in the fear. All suffer, you, your family and your children. Generally the continuous misgino doing the same because his wifves are frightened. But you want to go out of there, you must be brave to confront any circumstance. You have already done it when living with him. When takings bring back to consciousness of this situation and you cannot more, it is moment for taking action, goes to any center of psychological aid, looks for a therapist, tries to leave that destructive and painful situation. But only you know what more she agrees to you, in Cecreto, we can ayudarte, but it is a personal decision. Thanks to read to me, my mission is the quality of emotional life .

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There are some complementary training, and in some necessary cases, for all good athlete. This it would be the case of the force sessions, since strong muscles will allow us to render to the maximum. We do not confuse strong muscles with great or voluminous muscles, since the volume will cause that you are slower in long distances. The force sessions must go oriented to gain force in the muscle, which also will imply to reduce the punishment that undergoes the sinews, but maintaining the same size. The work of muscles of the legs will help you to prevent injuries. If you fortify the isquiotibiales and the quadriceps you will avoid knee problems. Besides working muscles of the legs also it is necessary to work the muscles that hold the body, like abdominal and the lumbar ones. This type of exercises, besides contributing to force to the trunk and the train superior of the body, improves the coordination, makes work to the heart and increases the elasticity.

The exercises with Bosu and Step are indicated for the runners because they fortify the legs and they optimize the movements that habitually we realised in our cuotidiana life. In this type of functional training the musculatura works as a whole fortifying the musculatura of the trunk, the abdomen, the back, the legs and the rumps, improving the elasticity and the flexibility, reinforcing the joints and the muscles, and helping in the recovery of injuries. This type of exercises helps to vary the routine and can replace a smooth session. You can be useful to realise this training someday that you cannot leave to run due to the meteorological conditionses, is because it rains or it is cold, or by quite the opposite, because long ago heat. Many runners also combine the cycling with running to escape of the routine or because they have friendly that practice the cycling and they he likes to leave to pedalear someday with them. The cycling is a cardiovascular work similar to running and can replace a smooth session but to obtain a high performance in running it is necessary to prioritize the training of this discipline realising sessions of basic quality and.

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