Sometimes happiness is close and perhaps, but a couple of absurd coincidences – and the love between two ideally suited to each other people do not know. But do not despair, because everything is still possible to correct and change it! Let’s not much speak – give a clear example of this life. I have a friend of a friend. The girl – Beauty, athlete, member of the Komsomol. True, true! This princess-laughing. Long waited for love, rejected suitors annoying, and here – met him, the man! Decent, secure, beautiful … In short, such a saw it in my dreams! But he did not seem to notice her beauty and charm to not see the girl in the eye.

And went to their way, even though the two were meant to each other by fate. And how fortunate that through the magic love spell powerful, this problem has been solved. Three weeks later he proposed to her. And I know, I believe: their relations will be bright, but their family is strong! That such as love magic? Lapel, love spell, conspiracy – everyone knows about it, heard these words. But few people is a mysterious ritual of love the love spell. And rightly so! Do not do a love spell on their own. Believe me, such subtle matter should be restricted to specialist, to do no harm, not to break delicate strings of relationships between people and strengthen them. And then people begin to understand each other better, find hidden mutual interests, but in their hearts the flame of true love for each other. A spell itself is just a magical effect, aimed at strengthening or restoration of these bonds.

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Why am I bad. We receive many letters where people complain about their fate. We asked the Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA how they can help .. We receive many letters where people complain about their fate. We asked the Guru Sotidanandana Alid – Bevel – NATVA how they can help.

- There is nothing surprising – Teacher said .- People who are ill, have put secular above God. And our lives are so arranged that it will never be all good may not always an average of 50% 50% good and evil. This is to ensure that people are not fully asleep and thought – why should he lives. After all, the purpose of life is not a career, starting a family and meeting the ever-growing desires. All this has not made anyone happy. Goal life to foster a love of God to the people, not only to his family, but to all people.

Often people complain that they either do not recognize, does not like. And they are at least 10 minutes a day think of the God, send love to him? If not, it is clear why they feel bad. Every morning and evening to listen to Geeta Ashram at least 10 minutes. You can dance to their favorite songs and send the love of God, the Master and others. If it is sincere, then you will feel a state of happiness. Want more happiness – more dance or just listen to Geeta Ashram, being in love.

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