Tattoo and Health

Directories of images of tattoos dates back several thousand designs to suit every taste: from the erotic to the hearts scary dragons. Such an abundance of images puts amateur tattoo to a standstill, because the thinking is repelled by one: whether this way of impressing, for whom in fact she's done. Indeed, to achieve an enthusiastic "Oh!" On the damage pattern on the body and even from experts in our time is not so simple. If you delve into the history tattoos, there is traced a very important point: the tattoo is never applied to the body for jewelry. Over the millennia, tattoo pictures have always had the deepest sense, and not even the image itself, and details from which this image was constructed. The main purpose of tattoos at all times and all peoples – protection from evil forces around the world. Tattoos were a kind of amulets and talismans, which were attract wealth, love, happiness, success, health, make a man brave and strong, helping to avoid the misery and misfortune. Many nations still retained the belief that the tattoo has a magical effect.

In Laos, Cambodia and Thailand firmly believes that the yantra tattoo is able to protect against the evil eye and bring good luck. Filipinos believe in the magic of tattooing and its ability to protect their property. However, as the spread around art world application under the skin of the special ink in the form of various characters, unfortunately, gradually loses the basic meaning of this magical process.

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