The Race

Alli, El Tiempo found at least order the method 40 complaints from parents that to protect their children, have decided to put on a route of transportation or go to collect them in the family car, or on foot. The rector of the college of Los Andes, Alvaro Sanchez, confirms the concern of students and parents, adding that it has indications that students of the school district Costa Rica, which is very close to there, are involved. “We know and go with the uniform”, as well as fitness another private school in the area, the Tecnosistemas.The first edition was held on December 23, 1935 to be the winner Fidel Aldudes.
The race consists of a tour of 550 m, partly from the Plaza Day Sanz, low on abdominal muscles the C / Theodosius the Great, passing through the Plaza del Azoguejo (compared with the ) and climbs up the C / Cervantes, a small stretch of C / Juan Bravo (to pass the House of Peaks), bend it in C / Bishop Gand

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