Treat NACK And Back Pain – Right

The sensitive soul the cervical spine healthy sleep healthy sleep systems furniture store in the upper middle desDorfes in Baar. Our large selection of mattresses and sleeping systems for back pain in different price ranges and sizes, with 25 years experience and unserebesser sleep guarantee combined makes our BettenMobelhaus on your first choice, if it RESTful and healthy sleep over. The sensitive soul: the cervical spine stress, stress, psychological pressure – this all increases the muscle tension. Especially it is noticeable then in the neck. Nothing against the neck complaints undertaken, threatening persistent pain. Often there is a blockage in the cervical spine.

The blockade – which can be a shift of individual vertebrae or even a strong tension in the muscles. The first cervical vertebrae during the transition to the head and the last vertebrae – are particularly vulnerable, where the neck in the thoracic spine. The result: A stiff neck, the head can be turned hard. If such blockages longer exist, hardens the muscles in the entire neck and shoulder area, the entire skeleton device in a lopsided. Of the neck it continues over the shoulder to the pelvis, hip, in the legs. The complete body posture may be affected by a single blockage in the neck! And that’s not all: even blurred vision, headache, dizziness or balance problems are possible impact of a strong dislocation or tension.

The choice of the correct pillow and right mattress helps you not only solve your irregular sleep system, but also the pain created by irregular ergonomic posture while sitting or sleeping to reduce. We offer you exclusive right pillows for neck problems and mattress for back pain.

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