Violence Against Violence

In As chapter will be boarded the aspects of the Process of the Violence Against Aged and the Familiar Conflicts related to this Violence and the Study of the Classifications of the Situations of Violence Against the Aged one. In the Third Chapter it will be consolidated the data of the carried through research bringing for the quarrel the Reality that if finds the Aged Victims of Violence and maltreatment in our city and the world. It is noticed necessity and the importance to argue this thematic one that permeia the society, therefore the longevity of the aged ones is a fact concrete, and from these quarrels or research they can generate subsidies where the laws in validity and already cited effectively guarantees the security, dignity, health, promotion and the integrity of the aged one next to the familiar ones. Measures that develop and fortify the familiar bonds. The result of the research presented, that the lack of these bonds or of as they had been constituted, cause maltreatment and disrespect to the aged ones for its aggressive cuidadores/. Chapter I? The Process of World-wide Aging and the Social Protection of Aged the 1.1? World-wide Population aging the aging of the world-wide population is a new phenomenon which exactly the powerful countries richest and do not meet prepared to absorb this segment, considering itself it rise of the quality of life of the urban and agricultural populations and the present precarizao of the politics of health of the aged one. In the developed countries, this transistion occurred slowly, accomplishing itself throughout more than one hundred anos' ' ' ' Some of these countries today present a negative growth of its population, with a tax of births lower than of mortality. (Lobato: 2004:135). If, in the past, to age age a privilege of some few developed countries, in the present time started to be an experience of almost all, indifferently of its partner-economic condition.

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